Diversity Caucus Monograph

Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions for Culturally Competent and Interculturally Sensitive Leaders in Education (November 2011)

Student demographics continue to diversify while the teacher profile remains white, middle class, and female. Similarly, the cadre of teacher educators is limited in terms of diversity. The information presented in this monograph can address the documented impact of teacher beliefs and biases that limit the achievement of learners who do not conform to dominant culture norms and the disproportionality in identification of and decision making for students with exceptional learning needs. To expand this influence, the mentoring and support needs of the next generation of special education leaders, including those who represent diverse backgrounds and experiences are also addressed. In order to make this impact, teacher educators must be culturally competent and inter-culturally sensitive to the needs of those who will follow in their stead at the higher education and school district levels. This monograph begins to fill the gap in the literature and practice focused on equipping higher education faculty and their doctoral students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively prepare practitioners to work with diverse learners with exceptional needs, their families, and in diverse settings.

The monograph is available for purchase through CreateSpace or Amazon.

Small Special Education Programs Caucus

Preparing Preservice Teachers for Inclusive Practice (2012)

The increase in inclusive practice and changing service delivery models has had an impact on practice in special education. In response to this changing landscape, teacher educators have had to revise and restructure their programs to prepare undergraduate and graduate students to teach in a variety of classroom structures. This monograph will be a collection of current research related to preparing teachers for these structures, with a particular emphasis on teacher preparation in small college and university programs.