Publication Committee

Publication Committee

Chair: TED Board Member, Dr. Monika Shealey

The Publications Committee studies matters and makes recommendations to the Executive Board pertaining to the governance, operations and financing of TED publications. They make recommendations to the Executive Committee for the appointment of a(n)

  • Editor of the TEDLines (TED’s newsletter)
  • Editor(s) of TESE (TED’s journal)

In conjunction with the Executive Committee, policies regarding the content and operations of TED’s publications shall be approved by the Publications Committee.

The committee publishes/maintains:

  • TED’s newsletter (TEDLines) at regular intervals specified by the Executive Committee. The major function of the newsletter is to disseminate information concerning national, state/provincial, and local TED affairs to the membership. The newsletter is published on TED's website, with notices of its publication sent on the TED-announce e-mail list.

In addition, the committee:

  • Works closely with the editors of TED’s journal (Teacher Education and Special Education – TESE)
  • Supports the development and maintenance of TED’s website

The committee assumes responsibility for other activities pertaining to publications of TED assigned by the Executive Committee and submits TED updates quarterly to CEC Today.

For more information, contact Dr. Monika Shealey

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