Awards Committee

Awards Committee

Chair: TED Immediate Past President, Dr. Charles (Chuck) Salzberg

The Awards Committee is in charge of creating and presenting awards.

The Award Committee:

  • Implements approved procedures for soliciting nominations and bestowing the TED Distinguished Service Award and the TED/Pearson Award.
  • Prepares and disseminates publicity on recipients of awards.
  • By request, assists other TED members who have responsibility for awards.
  • Submits a report on awards status to the Executive Board at each of its meetings.
  • Maintains a manual that details the procedures for nominating and selecting TED members for awards.
  • Gathers feedback from members of the Division regarding changes in awards and the procedures pertaining to making awards.
  • Maintains and updates guidelines for the nomination and selection of TED members for awards.
  • Assumes responsibility for other activities pertaining to awards assigned by the Executive Committee.

For more information, contact Dr. Charles (Chuck) Salzberg

Awards Handbook

Recipient of the 2011 TED/Pearson Excellence in Teacher Education Award announced.

2011 TED/Pearson Excellence in Teacher Education Award

The TED/Pearson Excellence in Teacher Education Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to one or more of the following: (a) teacher education in special education; (b) preparation of future leaders and/or quality educators; and (c) research supporting the preparation of teachers and/or delivery of services to children with disabilities, legislative leadership, and scholarly works.

The recipient of the 2011 TED/Pearson Excellence in Teacher Education Award, announced at the 2011 Council for Exceptional Children Convention, is Dr. Elizabeth Kozleski.

Recipients of the 2011 TED Publication Award announced.

2011 TED Publication Award

The purpose of the Publication Award is to recognize the contribution of an individual or group of individuals for the publication of an article in Teacher Education and Special Education (TESE) which is deemed to have lasting value to the field by virtue of its potential impact on research, policies, or practices in teacher education and special Education.

The 2011 Publication Award Recipients are Drs. Benjamin Dotger and Christine Ashby. Their publication is titled “Exposing Conditional Inclusive Ideologies through Simulated Interactions".

Dotger, B. & Ashby, C. (2010). Exposing conditional inclusive ideologies through simulated interactions. Teacher Education and Special Education, 33(2), 114-130.

Recipient of the 2011 TED Dissertation Award announced.

2011 TED Dissertation Award

The purpose of the Dissertation Award is to recognize doctoral students who have focused their research on the preparation of pre-service and in-service educators serving students with disabilities or who have conducted related research having clear implications for the preparation of educators serving students with disabilities.

The 2011 TED Dissertation Award was presented to Dr. Nari J. Carter. Her dissertation is entitled, Preservice Special Education Teachers' Beliefs about Effective Reading Instruction for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities. Dr. Carter earned her Ph.D. at Brigham Young University in August 2011. This was a multiple case study which was thoughtful, timely and rigorous, and resulted in clear and important recommendations for special education teacher preparation. Dr. Carter was invited to present her work at the TED Kaleidoscope session. One of the reviewers noted Dr. Carter's work was "well grounded in the literature, clearly helping to fill a gap in our understanding. Her discussion shows a well-conceived conceptual research agenda." Her major professor was Dr. Mary Anne Prater.

Recipient of the 2011 TED Distinguished Service Award announced.

2011 TED Distinguished Service Award

The purpose of the Distinguished Service Award is to honor individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service to the development and advancement of quality teacher education in special education.

The 2011 TED Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Stuart (Stu) Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz has held numerous state and national offices. He served as the TED Secretary from 2004-2008 and chaired the extremely successful 2006 TED Conference in San Diego. In addition, Dr. Schwartz was a founding member of the Diversity Committee and Diversity Caucus. Dr. Schwartz was nominated by Drs. Georgia Kerns and Cynthia Watkins.